Statement on Unrest in Sinjar, Hate Speech, and the Path Forward

Duhok (May 08, 2023) We are deeply troubled by the choices of local religious leaders to use their influence to incite violence and spread hatred and misinformation about the Yazidi community after the recent unrest in Sinjar on April 29th. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights calls for a public campaign to promote coexistence and constructive dialogue between all parties and faiths in Iraq.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights condemns any act of violence, including hate speech and rhetoric that incites division and violence.

Through our psychotherapy and humanitarian work, Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is very familiar with the lasting mistrust between Yazidi and Muslim communities in Sinjar. The reported events on April 29th demonstrate how these feelings can quickly manifest into violence and confusion. Furthermore, the decision of local leaders across Iraq to spread misinformation is counter-productive to constructing a peaceful society.

We call on all parties involved to engage in well-intentioned, public dialogue on the events of April 29th. Through our dialogue programs, we have seen firsthand how communication and a willingness to promote peace lead to progress and understanding. Coexistence between all communities is the only path forward. We urge all sides to come together and find a way to resolve their disputes constructively and nonviolently to build a better future for Sinjar.

The world is watching, and we stand ready to assist in any way we can in this process.

About Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms, and promotes democratic values worldwide. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights seeks to build democratic societies that protect the dignity of human beings, where adults and children enjoy the rights to life and freedom, and citizens are free from violence, torture, terror, domestic violence, and human rights violations. 

Our programs, projects, and initiatives provide mental health, medical treatment, and other health services to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence, and human rights violations. Our work supports nine treatment centers, a clinic for Yazidi women and families, a Healing Gard, and mobile teams helping survivors in 1refugeesee and IDP camps in nine regions throughout Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq, and Syria. Since 2005 these programs have provided support to over 100,000 people.