In response to the Hasakah prison break Jiyan Foundation urges European and Western countries to retrieve their own citizens suspected of ISIS terrorism to create safer more manageable prisons and avoid future prison breaks.

Erbil (January 25, 2022)  — Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights Chairman and Founder Salah Ahmad released the below statement following an attack on the Syrian city of Hasakah on January 27th. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) at least 160 suspected militants and 27 members of the U.S.-backed force had been killed. The attack began with two car bombs that sparked a prison break amid fierce fighting.

Statement from Jiyan Foundation Founder and Chair Salah Ahmad:

“Since we began our work in northeast Syria in 2018 the region has been burdened by consistent threats and aggression. We have seen first-hand the affects the threat of violence has on women, children and families who seek a normal life. The regular threat of prison breaks and attacks by ISIS terrorists threatens the continuation of our humanitarian work and the daily lives of innocent people caught in the cross-fire.

“To ensure the security of the region, prevent further prison breaks and ease the stress on security forces in the region to provide room for more humane conditions, we urge European and Western countries to take responsibility for their own citizens currently detained in overcrowded and under defended facilities in north-east Syria, and Kurdistan-Iraq. This is especially urgent for women and minors held in detention.

“Unless international partners take responsibility for their own alleged ISIS supporters, prison conditions in the region will remain tenuous and threats of a violent resurgence across the Middle East and Europe will remain more than unlikely.”

According to Kurdish authorities that run the prison, more than 50 nationalities are represented across such prisons that house more than 12,000 IS suspects. The suspects at this facility are being held in overcrowded, poorly defended prison complexes. Many of these detainees are European citizens who have been awaiting trial, some for as long as eight years.

Jiyan Foundation’s humanitarian work providing mental health, medical and support services to survivors of trauma, terrorism and human rights violations continues in Qamilshli, northeast Syria.


About Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

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